Anita & Faye 13 years and counting…

Hi, we are Anita and Faye, and we’ve just celebrated our 10-year anniversary.

Faye and I met Christmas 2004, at a Christmas event hosted by Trish. Anita had come to the event with some people she had be

How do we make it work?


Being in relationship with God helps us maintain a healthy, respectful, and loving relationship.

We each have our own prayers and prayer time, but with that, we pray together and pray for one another in our couples prayer time. To make it work, you must acknowledge and accept your own faults…sometimes with great choking. Pride can be a terrible thing. Being honest with yourself and each other.

Anita: I recall one day, Faye pointed out a flaw, that deep down, I knew I had. At the time of the conversation I was hurt, simply because who wants to have “their issues” brought to their attention.  I had to think about it and later that night, I went to Faye and thanked her for telling me that. It became something we prayed about; that God would help me move past this.

en introduced to by a mutual friend and didn’t know many people. Faye had come to meet one of the ladies that Anita had arrived with. However, the lady Faye came to meet was there with her ex and apparently had forgotten or didn’t care that she had also spoken to Faye about being there. Faye was about to leave, but thankfully Trish convinced her to stay. I incessantly thank Trish for convincing her friend to stay that night. Faye and I danced that night…the whole night. The day after, I contacted the lady that knew Faye [the one Faye had gone to meet] and asked her to give Faye my number. With an attitude, she gave Faye my number. Faye and I talked the next day (she was scared to call me) but thank God she did. We talked the entire time she was driving from South Florida back to Orlando.  Faye and I have only missed one day of speaking with each other since that day.




About Orlando Black Pride

We are the Official organizers for Orlando's Black Gay Pride events. It's held once a year, during the first week in June during Gay Disney.
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